EZ-Link card To SimplyGo

EZ-Link card To SimplyGo

From 1 June 2024, EZlink adult card which have not been upgraded to simplygo and Nets Flashpay Cards can no longer be used for payment of public transport fares.


Usage of card after 1 June 2024

Non-upgreded EZlink card – cannot use for public transport and retail

Nets Flash Pay – cannot use for public transport

Table of usage of card after 1 june 2024

Do you need to upgrade your card?

Do you need to upgrade your card?

How do i know if my EZ-link has been upgrade to simplygo EZ-link?

How to Upgrade Ezlink to SimplyGo:
Ez-link adluts cards can be upgraded at any ticketing machine or ticket office

Ez-link adluts cards can be upgraded at any ticketing machine or ticket office

How to Upgrade your EZ-Link card To SimplyGo

  1. Place Card on Reader

  2. Click Upgrade to simplygo

  3. Click proceed

  4. Upgrading is process

  5. Upgrading sucessful

How to Upgrade your EZ-Link card To SimplyGo

What’s SimplyGo all about?

SimplyGo is a ticketing platform launched by the Land Transport Authority.
It is an account-based ticketing platform, enables commuters to top up on the go
and view fares anytime, anywhere and more!

With EZ-Link making the move to SimplyGo, you will be able to use
your existing EZ-Link cards and charms while enjoying the benefits.
Pair your SimplyGo EZ-Link card (Account-based card) to the SimplyGo app to enjoy
remote top-ups without having to queue at ticketing machines, track your travel spend and more!

Thing to Take note after upgrade the card:

  1. Once you upgrade your card to simplygo , will no longer be able to downgrade to CEPAS card
  2. Simply go Ezlink Card cannot be use for pay ERP
  3. Maintain a Min $3 at all the time
  4. Balance of remaining fund will not be show on gate or bus reader.

Nets FlashPay users can approach ticket office to refund remaining value in their NETS Flashpay card and collect a Free Nets Prepaid card

Manage your transactions on-the-go

View card balances, transaction history/ alerts* and top up easily via NETS App.

NETS Flashpay to Nets Prepaid card

1-for-1 card replacement available for public transport users between January 19 and July 18, 2024.

Why is a card replacement necessary?

Starting June 1, 2024, public buses and trains will no longer accept NETS FlashPay Cards. To continue using public transport and enjoy widespread acceptance at NETS retail points, current NETS FlashPay Cardholders can exchange their cards for a new NETS Prepaid Card, compatible with SimplyGo.

Where can I initiate the exchange for my NETS FlashPay Card?

Cardholders can visit any SimplyGo Ticket Offices or Ticketing Service Centres between January 19, 2024, and July 18, 2024, to replace their cards.

More detail Visit: LTA Facebook