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MYTRIP QR code Malaysia

MYTRIP QR Code System for Immigration Clearance at CIQ BSI and KSAB

Beginning June 1, Malaysians will be able to use QR codes instead of passports for Immigration clearance at the Customs, Immigration, and Quarantine (CIQ) complexes in Bangunan Sultan Iskandar (BSI) and Kompleks Sultan Abu Bakar (KSAB).

“The implementation of this system will significantly reduce waiting times for bus commuters at BSI during peak hours, cutting it from 120 minutes to just 15 minutes – an impressive 83 percent reduction,” said Fadillah, speaking to reporters after chairing the Special Committee Meeting to Address Congestion at the Johor Causeway.

MyTRIP is currently available to Malaysians only. Expansion of usage to permanent residents and non-Malaysians will be announced later.

MyTRIP builds on the MySejahtera platform, which has a large user base and has previously collaborated with the Jabatan Imigresen Malaysia (JIM) for cross-border travel during COVID-19.

Utilizing this existing infrastructure is cost-effective and allows for quick market deployment due to reduced and efficient development timelines.

To use MyTRIP QR on a new device, first unlink your passport from the old device. Then, log into your MySejahtera account on the new phone, re-link your passport, and continue using your MyTRIP QR code.

Leveraging its existing infrastructure results in cost efficiency and enables rapid deployment to market, thanks to shortened and efficient development timelines.

Benefits of using Mytrip QRCode On Mysejahtera: Fast, Convenient and easy

How to Use Mytrip QRCode for crossing border Malaysia

  1. Use Mysejahtera to link MyTRIP to your passport

    Need to update latest mysejatera mobile app

  2. Open MYTRIP QR Code

  3. Present your Mytrip QRCode to immigration officer for Clearance

  4. Wait For verification and continues your journey

Download MYTRIP

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