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Buying Prepaid SIM Cards at Genting Highlands SkyAvenue, Malaysia

Convenient Prepaid SIM Card Purchase for Travelers in Genting Highlands SkyAvenue, Malaysia


Travelers visiting Genting Highlands SkyAvenue in Malaysia now have the convenience of purchasing new prepaid Malaysia SIM cards at various stores within the entertainment and shopping complex. Staying connected while traveling has become an essential part of any journey, and these easily accessible stores provide a hassle-free solution for obtaining prepaid SIM cards.

Store Information:

    • Level: 4
    • Store Number: T2C-05C.02

Located on Level 4, CELCOM XPAX is a reliable option for travelers looking to purchase prepaid Malaysia SIM cards. With a dedicated space at store T2C-05C.02, customers can explore a range of options and find the plan that suits their communication needs.

    • Level: 4
    • Store Number: T2C-01A & 01B

U MOBILE, situated on Level 4 at store T2C-01A & 01B, offers another convenient location for travelers to acquire prepaid Malaysia SIM cards. With a variety of plans available, customers can select the one that best aligns with their data, talk, and text requirements.

  1. DIGI
    • Level: 4
    • Store Number: T2C-056.01

Travelers can also visit the DIGI store on Level 4, precisely at store T2C-056.01, to explore and purchase prepaid Malaysia SIM cards. DIGI provides a reputable telecommunications service, and their offerings cater to different preferences and usage patterns.

  1. MAXIS Coming Soon
    • Level: 4
    • Store Number: T2C-05A

While MAXIS is expected to be available soon on Level 4 at store T2C-05A, travelers can anticipate another option for acquiring prepaid Malaysia SIM cards. Keep an eye out for the launch, as MAXIS is likely to offer diverse plans and reliable connectivity.


Genting Highlands SkyAvenue in Malaysia strives to enhance the overall travel experience by providing convenient solutions for various traveler needs. With these stores on Level 4 offering prepaid Malaysia SIM cards, visitors can seamlessly stay connected during their journey. Whether it’s for business, navigation, or staying in touch with loved ones, these stores cater to diverse communication requirements. Travelers are encouraged to explore the available options and select the prepaid SIM card that aligns with their preferences for a connected and enjoyable travel experience.

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