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Cyndi Wang SUGAR HIGH Genting Concert

Cyndi Wang SUGAR HIGH Genting Concert

22.03.2024 (Friday) 9pm
23.03.2024 (Saturday) 6pm
Arena of Stars Genting Malaysia

One of the top female popstars in her home country, Cyndi launched her debut album in 2003 after being discovered in a talent contest by Avex Taiwan. As she grew her fanbase as an artiste, she dabbled in acting and appeared in many Taiwanese TV dramas including Westside Story (2003), Heaven’s Wedding Gown (2004) and Smiling Pasta (2006). Cyndi will be showcasing new songs from her recently released studio album, Bite Back including the title track, Bite Back as well as songs from previous albums like Love youWhen You; and Honey.

Having been active in the Taiwanese music scene for 20 years, she has released 13 studio albums including the popular Cyndi Loves YouFly! Cyndi, and Sticky; and 4 compilation albums – Shining 2005, Red Cyndi, Beautiful Days and My! Cyndi!. With soaring popularity, the charming mandopop princess sells over a million copies of her every album across Asia.

王心凌 SUGAR HIGH 世界巡回演唱会全糖宇宙 、甜嗨世界!

她是从地球甜到宇宙再甜回我们心里的那道甜蜜放射线,用最甜的超能力,拯救缺糖的心灵一起甜嗨这个世界。期待指数直达上限100%,甜度持续200之多。全糖启动、光速前进,Have fun with Cyndi !

那年夏天, 我们坐在电视机前。那年夏天, 她的一句“爱你” 引爆我们记忆中所有关于甜美的回忆。她温柔恬静唱着暖心情歌, 用甜蜜超能力拯救缺糖的心灵;她乘风破浪呈现超美舞台, 硬糖甜心诠释自己的魅力与坚持;她拥有无数令人落泪令人畅快令人开心的经典, 一甜 20 年, 唯有王心凌。

2023 年王心凌以最高规格的 20 周年全新制作, 带领大家进入她的全糖宇宙, 用丰富多彩的甜味打造酸甜苦辣等人生百味, 数百首好歌精选浓缩在一场声光极致的精彩大秀中。或许会流泪, 一定会感动, 但最后还是会带着满怀暖意的甜甜感受不断回味。

这就是王心凌, 20 年来始终如一却又不断进化的甜蜜天后。王心凌 SUGAR HIGH 世界巡回演唱会, 即将启程!!

Cyndi Wang SUGAR HIGH Genting Concert Ticket Pricing

Ticket Type Normal PriceGenting Rewards Members’ Rates
(via Genting Points/ cash/ credit card purchase)
  • Ticket price is subject to a RM4 processing fee.
  • Every attendee MUST enter the hall with a ticket, including children of all ages & infants.
  • The concert starts at 9pm (Friday) and 6pm (Saturday) sharp, so please be seated by or before then. 
  • Late arrival may result in non-admittance until a suitable break in the performance.

22 March 2024

23 March 2024

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