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Genting SkyWorlds Virtual Queue app

Genting SkyWorlds Virtual Queue app

Download the official Genting SkyWorlds app to enjoy a hassle-free experience at the theme park. With the app, you can access exclusive online deals and navigate the park seamlessly. Say goodbye to long queues and waiting times by utilizing the app’s AI-powered ‘Virtual Queue’ (VQ) System. Pre-book your spot on rides and avoid the crowds. No more wasted time standing in lines! Additionally, use the app’s Itinerary Planner to keep track of all the rides you and your family have experienced, ensuring an epic adventure at Genting SkyWorlds.

Genting SkyWorlds Virtue Queue (VQ) Reservations & Itinerary Planner

Experience a seamless and efficient visit to Genting SkyWorlds with innovative VQ feature. With VQ, you can reserve timed entries for rides, attractions, and shows, reducing your wait time and maximizing your enjoyment in the park.

To make VQ reservations, simply download the Genting SkyWorlds mobile app or visit the VQ kiosks within the theme park. Plan your itinerary in advance with these easy steps:

  1. Download the Genting SkyWorlds mobile app.
  2. Sign in and create your profile.
  3. Link your tickets by scanning the QR code on your ticket.
  4. Use the ‘Book VQ’ function to select time slots for your preferred attractions/rides.
  5. Optimize your visit by requesting an itinerary.

Upon making a VQ reservation, you will receive a unique QR code. When it’s time for your selected attraction, scan the QR code at the VQ entrance and enjoy your experience without the hassle of waiting in physical queues.

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