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The Most Established Malaysia Travel Fair in Singapore

Date: 3 – 5 May 2024

Location : Singapore Expo Hall 6B

Travel Malaysia Fair 2024

Travel Malaysia Fair at Singapore Expo: Explore Deals and Destinations

The Travel Malaysia Fair offers a gateway to exploring the best of what Malaysia has to offer. Held in Singapore, this fair attracts travelers looking to plan their next adventure across the strait. With a variety of deals and packages on display, visitors can unlock the potential of a memorable Malaysian escapade and enjoy the added benefit of exclusive freebies with every booking made.

Singapore Expo, the venue for the Travel Malaysia Fair, serves as a bustling hub for travel enthusiasts from both Singapore and the region. Event attendees can anticipate a weekend filled with immersive booth exhibitions, insights into new travel trends, and one-on-one consultations with travel industry experts. It’s a rendezvous not just to book a trip, but to shape an experience that resonates with individual travel aspirations.

Overview of Travel Malaysia Fair

Travel Malaysia Fair stands as a prominent event, focusing on the tourism opportunities and attractions Malaysia offers to travelers, particularly from Singapore.

Event Background

The Travel Malaysia Fair is an initiative with a strong track record of promoting Malaysia as a prime travel destination. It serves as a vibrant platform where travel enthusiasts can discover a wide array of travel options, tour packages, and cultural experiences available in Malaysia.

Date and Venue

Scheduled from May 3rd to May 5th, 2024, this eagerly awaited fair will take place at the Singapore Expo Hall 6B. The choice of venue underscores the event’s magnitude, ensuring ample space for exhibitors and visitors alike.

Main Organizers

Express & Excursion Bus Association (EEBA)

Highlights of the Fair

The Travel Malaysia Fair at Singapore Expo offers an immersive experience showcasing Malaysia’s rich culture and scenic destinations.

Travel Malaysia Fair 2024 Floor Plan

Travel Malaysia 2024 floor Plan

Featured Destinations

Attendees can explore a variety of Malaysian locales, from the bustling streets of Kuala Lumpur to the serene beaches of Langkawi. Information booths provide details on key attractions, accommodations, and travel itineraries tailored to different interests.

Cultural Performances

Visitors are treated to authentic Malaysian cultural performances. These may include traditional dances, musical acts, and demonstrations, offering a colorful glimpse into the nation’s heritage and traditions.

Culinary Showcases

The fair also offers culinary showcases where visitors can taste iconic Malaysian dishes. Chefs might demonstrate the preparation of popular street food like satay or more elaborate traditional meals, providing a sensory experience of Malaysia’s diverse flavors.

Exhibitors at Travel Malaysia Fair

The Travel Malaysia Fair showcases a selection of exhibitors that travelers can interact with to plan and book their trips. Whether one is eager to explore various destinations or looking for comfortable stays, the fair offers an avenue to connect with essential travel service providers.

Exhibitors at Travel Malaysia Fair

Participating Hotels

The fair boasts participation from a variety of hotels, ranging from luxury accommodations to budget-friendly options. Travelers can explore stays that provide comfort and Malaysian hospitality, promising an immersive experience of the local culture and cuisine.

Travel Agencies

Numerous travel agencies take part in the Travel Malaysia Fair, assisting visitors in crafting the perfect holiday itinerary. These agencies often present exclusive deals and offers at the fair, optimizing travel plans for both individual and group travelers.

Visiting the Fair

The Travel Malaysia Fair at the Singapore Expo presents an exceptional opportunity for attendees to explore a wide range of travel packages and deals aimed at Malaysian destinations. The event is well-known for its comprehensive offerings and exclusive promotions delivered in a vibrant atmosphere.

Tickets and Admission

Admission to the Travel Malaysia Fair is typically free of charge, allowing a broad audience to partake in the event. Visitors should confirm the admission details for the specific year as they may vary. They can look forward to booking their Malaysian escapade with the potential of getting freebies with every reservation they make.

Travel Arrangements

Interested visitors can make their way to the event held at Singapore Expo Hall 6B, which is conveniently accessible via public transport, such as the MRT, or by car. Upon arrival, they’ll find various travel agencies, like WTS Travel, offering curated tour packages by land and air.

Accommodation Options

For attendees traveling from afar to visit the fair, numerous accommodation options are available in the vicinity of the Singapore Expo. From budget-friendly hotels to luxurious stays, there is no shortage of places to rest. Visitors can book these accommodations in advance to secure the best rates and ensure a comfortable stay.

Singapore Expo Facilities

The Singapore Expo is a leading venue for large-scale exhibitions, conventions, and events, with a focus on providing top-tier facilities and accessibility to enhance the experience of exhibitors and visitors alike.

Venue Services

Singapore Expo boasts a comprehensive range of venue services designed to cater to event organizers’ needs. The venue provides state-of-the-art audio-visual equipment, high-speed internet access, and on-site catering options. Their experienced event coordinators are available to ensure that each event runs smoothly from start to finish.

Transport Links

Located in the heart of Singapore, the Expo is well-connected through extensive transport links. It is easily accessible via the Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) system, with a dedicated Expo MRT station that ensures visitors can reach the venue with ease. Additionally, there are numerous bus routes serving the area, and ample parking for those traveling by car.

Nearby Attractions

Visitors to the Singapore Expo can also explore various nearby attractions after attending an event. Just a short distance away is the Changi Experience Studio, offering interactive insights into aviation processes and history. Nature enthusiasts will appreciate a stroll through the nearby East Coast Park, which features beaches, cycling trails, and seafood restaurants.

Visitor Tips

When attending the Travel Malaysia Fair at Singapore Expo, visitors should take note of optimal visiting times, available facilities for international guests, and safety and security measures to ensure a seamless experience.

Best Times to Visit

To avoid the crowds and make the most of your visit to the Travel Malaysia Fair, it is advisable to arrive early in the morning or later in the afternoon. These periods typically see a lower volume of visitors, allowing for a more relaxed browsing experience.

Facilities for International Guests

The Singapore Expo is equipped with various facilities for international guests, including money exchange counters, information desks with multilingual staff, and luggage storage services. Those looking for special deals can find them at WTS Travel’s booths, which cater specifically to the needs of travelers from different regions.

Go Malaysia Fair

Physical Fair: 26th – 28th April 2024 Marina Square

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