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草蜢 Grasshopper Genting Concert

草蜢 Grasshopper Genting Concert

草蜢 Grasshopper Genting Concert 2023 Malaysia.

Date: 28.07.2023 (Friday) ADDITIONAL SHOW 9pm
29.07.2023 (Saturday) SOLD OUT 8:30pm

Location: Arena of Stars Genting

Grasshopper is an established band that consists of Edmond So, Calvin Choy and Remus Choy. In its 38 year old history, the band’s popularity and status has not fallen amongst its loyal fanbase. Fans really can’t get enough of their hit songs such as  “Forgetful Samba Dance”, “Baby I’m Sorry”, “Lonely”, “Limited Time Special Delivery to ABC” and more!

The band launched the “RE: GRASSHOPPER Grasshopper Tour Concert” in Hung Hom, Hong Kong in October 2022. After its successful shows, the band travelled overseas to perform at the Taipei Arena, the Singapore Indoor Stadium, and many more sold-out shows across the globe. The reason why this concert is titled “RE:GRASSHOPPER” is to represent the long-awaited reunion (Reunion) between Grasshopper and its fans.

Grasshopper has worked hard to make every moment special for this concert. Other than performing their hit songs, the band will also add new arrangements and gorgeous audio-visual effects in the performance. It is bound that everyone will be mesmerized by Grasshopper’s live singing and dancing skills, and fans will be reminded of Grasshopper’s amazing discography.

草蜢 Grasshopper Genting Concert Ticket Pricing

 Ticket Type Normal PriceGenting Rewards Members’ Rates
 VIPRM888RM 799.2028.07.2023

PS1RM688RM 619.20
PS2RM488RM 439.20
PS3RM388RM 349.20
PS4RM278RM 278
草蜢 Grasshopper Genting Concert Ticket Pricing

Genting Concert 2023

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