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Boon Lay Bus to Malaysia

Are you ready for an exciting adventure across the border into Malaysia? Boon Lay, a bustling neighborhood in Singapore, serves as your gateway to this enchanting country. With an extensive network of bus routes, you can easily and conveniently explore the diverse attractions and destinations that Malaysia has to offer. Join us as we embark on a journey from Boon Lay to some of the most popular Malaysian destinations.

Boon Lay Bus to Genting Highlands: Escape to the cool and refreshing Genting Highlands, where the crisp mountain air and thrilling entertainment await. Board a bus from Boon Lay to Genting Highlands, and you’ll soon find yourself amidst lush greenery and an array of attractions, including the renowned Genting Skyway and the world-class casino.

Boon Lay Bus to Malacca: Travel back in time as you step into the historical city of Malacca. The Boon Lay bus to Malacca offers a glimpse into Malaysia’s rich heritage with its Dutch colonial architecture, charming streets, and delectable cuisine. Don’t miss exploring Jonker Street and the UNESCO-listed Malacca Historic City Center.

Boon Lay Bus to Penang: Penang, known as the “Pearl of the Orient,” is famous for its pristine beaches and mouthwatering street food. Hop on a bus from Boon Lay to Penang and savor the blend of cultures, picturesque landscapes, and culinary delights that make this island a must-visit destination.

Boon Lay Bus to Kuala Lumpur: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia’s capital, beckons with its modern skyline and vibrant culture. Boon Lay offers bus services to multiple locations within Kuala Lumpur, including the iconic Berjaya Times Square, transportation hub TBS, and various hotels. Explore the Petronas Twin Towers, vibrant markets, and taste the diverse cuisine that the city is known for.

Boon Lay Bus to Kluang: Kluang, a charming town in Johor, offers a serene escape from the hustle and bustle. A Boon Lay bus to Kluang opens the door to beautiful landscapes, lush farms, and an opportunity to unwind amidst nature. Don’t forget to try the famous Kluang Rail Coffee.

Boon Lay Bus to Air Hitam: Experience the tranquility of Air Hitam, a small town in Johor known for its serene atmosphere and natural beauty. A bus from Boon Lay to Air Hitam provides a peaceful getaway, surrounded by greenery and a chance to explore local culture.

Boon Lay Bus to Ipoh: Ipoh, the capital of Perak, is a hidden gem with its charming old town, captivating street art, and delectable culinary offerings. A bus from Boon Lay to Ipoh ensures a journey filled with historical discoveries and gastronomic delights.

Boon Lay Bus to Perlis: Venture to Perlis, the northernmost state in Malaysia, for a unique and tranquil experience. A bus from Boon Lay to Perlis takes you to a region known for its lush landscapes, serene villages, and the iconic Gua Kelam limestone cave.

Boon Lay Shopping Center Map

Bus Company branch in Boon Lay Shopping center

Bus Company Boon Lay Shopping center to Kuala Lumpur:

Bus Company Boon Lay Shopping center to Malacca:

Bus Company Boon Lay Shopping center to Genting:

Bus Company Boon Lay Shopping center to Penang:

Bus Company Boon Lay Shopping center to Perak:

  • Star Qistna
  • Starmart Express
  • Super Nice Grassland

Bus Company Boon Lay Shopping center to Genting:
Top 10 restaurants in genting highlands 2023

Genting Skyworlds Theme Park
Genting Skyworlds Theme Park
Genting Skyworlds Hotel
Genting Skyworlds Hotel

Boon Lay shopping centre nearest MRT station is Lakside MRT station.

How to get to Boon Lay Shopping Centre by MRT?

  1. Travel to the nearest MRT Station.

  2. Heading to Lakeside MRT Station

  3. Taking bus from Lakeside MRT Station to Boon Lay Shopping Centre
    Bus 240 or Bus 240.

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