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Jet UNFORGETTABLE Concert Genting

Yi Jet Qi, a well-known Malaysian singer-songwriter with industry experience of over 20 years, has written songs for many famous Hong Kong and Taiwanese singers. On this tour, Yi said Malaysia would be his first stop because he has been wandering foreign lands for over thirty years. Inspired by his late father, Yi aims to reinterpret the golden classics that have resonated with Malaysians for many years. Through these timeless hits, he intends to reminisce about the feelings and memories of the days gone by through his re-interpretation of classic golden songs. He will be performing classic hits from the 1950s to 1980s, including “Love Without End”, “The Spring Breeze Kisses My Face”, “Missing by Riverside”, “Cherish Tonight”, “Somewhere Winter”, “You Make Me Happy and Sad” and more.

Date: 18.02.2024
Time: 6pm 
Value: Genting International Showroom

Jet UNFORGETTABLE Concert Genting Ticket Pricing

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Jet UNFORGETTABLE Concert Genting Ticket Pricing

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  • Ticket price is subject to a RM4 processing fee.
  • Every attendee MUST enter the hall with a ticket, including children of all ages & infants.
  • The concert starts at 6pm sharp, so please be seated by or before then.
  • Late arrival may result in non-admittance until a suitable break in the performance.



出道超过二十年,为多位港台歌手写出传唱度超高的本地创作歌手易桀齐。易桀齐表示,此次会以马来西亚作为巡演首站,最主要的原因是在异乡「流浪」了三十多年,加上受到已故父亲的启发,萌生要把这些在大马传唱多年的经典老歌重新演绎的想法,借由一首首的经典金曲,回首往日情怀。易桀齐会在台上演绎 50 至 80 年代,包括《不了情》、 《春风吻上我的脸》、《相思河畔》、《今宵多珍重》、《大约在冬季》、 《让我欢喜让我忧》等横跨 4 个音乐全盛年代的经典曲目,让乐迷们好好地 「回味」那些年的回忆与纯真年代。

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