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NETS FlashPay to NETS Prepaid Card

NETS FlashPay to NETS Prepaid Card

NETS FlashPay to NETS Prepaid Card exchange for public transport users will be available from January 19 to July 18, 2024.

Update: Please be informed that the card exchange service for NETS FlashPay Card provided at SimplyGo Ticket Offices is temporarily unavailable until further notice.

Reason for the card exchange:

The acceptance of NETS FlashPay Cards on public buses and trains will be discontinued from June 1, 2024. Existing NETS FlashPay Cardholders are encouraged to exchange their cards for the new NETS Prepaid Card. The NETS Prepaid Card is compatible with SimplyGo and is widely accepted at all NETS retail points.

Non-upgraded Ezlink card cannot use at public transport and retail from 1 jun 2024

Non-upgraded NETS FlashPay card cannot use at public transport from 1 jun 2024

Where to exchange your NETS FlashPay Card:

Visit any SimplyGo Ticket Offices or Ticketing Service Centres between January 19, 2024, and July 18, 2024, to exchange your cards.

NETS FlashPay to NETS Prepaid Card Card exchange process:

Step 1: Present your NETS FlashPay Card to the SimplyGo Ticket Officer for a card exchange. Receive a refund and a NETS Prepaid Card.

Step 2: Top up your NETS Prepaid Card using the NETS App and start traveling.

Note: All NETS FlashPay Cards, including personalized cards, will be retained by SimplyGo Ticket Office for this program.

NETS FlashPay to NETS Prepaid Card Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I continue using my NETS FlashPay Card for public buses and trains? Yes, you can use NETS FlashPay for public buses and trains until May 31, 2024. Starting June 1, 2024, only SimplyGo compatible cards, like the NETS Prepaid Card, will be accepted.

Are there cards not eligible for the card exchange? Blocked NETS FlashPay Cards, expired NETS FlashPay Cards, student matriculation NETS FlashPay Cards, Autopass cards, and bank-issued debit cards with NETS FlashPay function are not eligible for the exchange.

How do I check the expiry of my NETS FlashPay Card? Check the expiry date using the NETS App or at Assisted Service Kiosks or Top-Up Kiosks at all MRT/LRT stations.

How do I get a refund for the balance in my NETS FlashPay Card? You can file a refund at SimplyGo Ticket Offices, SimplyGo Ticketing Service Centres, local ATMs, or NETS Customer Service Centre.

Do I need to pay a fee to exchange my NETS FlashPay Card with NETS Prepaid Card? No, the NETS Prepaid Card is free with every successful NETS FlashPay Card replacement. The NETS FlashPay Card will not be returned and will be retained by SimplyGo Ticket Office.

You are not required to exchange the debit card you are currently using for public transport. However, you will need to visit the Assisted Service Kiosks or Top-Up Kiosks at any MRT/LRT stations to switch the default payment mode for transit from NETS FlashPay to your bank card payment.

EZ-Link card To SimplyGo

From 1 June 2024, EZlink adult card which have not been upgraded to simplygo and Nets Flashpay Cards can no longer be used for payment of public transport fares.

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