Singapore-Malaysia land VTL be expanded to include cars, motorcycles and private coaches?

From 1 April, Malaysia will reopen its borders to international visitors.

A decision may be made within the next few months allowing cars, motorbikes, and private coaches to use Land VTL

Gan Kim Yong, the co-chair of Singapore’s Multi Ministry Task Force (MTF) on Covid-19, said that Singapore is currently in talks with Malaysia about expanding the VTL land arrangement to include private vehicles.

Reporter: Singapore’s land border with malaysia i think early on it was mentioned that details are being worked?

MTF Answering a question during a multi-ministry task force news conference on 11 Mar 20222: The details are being worked out so we will share more details when they are ready but i can share that we will be looking at the cars motorcycles and additional buses including private coaches that would maybe by companies for their workers to go through and flow.

I think we are looking at the various aspects and this will also involve significant adjustment and fine-tuning of the operations on the ground bearing in mind that today we have a few thousand a day and in time to come we may have a significant number of people crossing on a daily basis so therefore it is a major undertaking our land authority our immigration department are in the close discussion with our counterparts and also working out the operational details to ensure that when we are able to allow more traffic to cross it can be done so smoothly and safely

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