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SkyWorlds VIP

A 3-hour customisable guided tour for an extraordinary adventure above the clouds.
There are two (2) tours available daily: 11am to 2pm & 1pm to 4pm
Children with a height below 90cm on the day of their visit will not be counted in the number of total guests.

Genting SkyWorlds VIP Experience ambassadors will work with you to plan and customize your day and accompany you throughout the park, sharing their amazing behind-the-scenes stories with you!
Quick Admission and Exclusive Rides & Attraction Access.

Standard (Above 110cm)RM388
Child (90cm – 110cm)
Senior (Aged 60 & above)
Guest with disabilities
Toddler (below 90cm)FREE
Genting SkyWorlds VIP Pricing

Benefit for Genting SkyWorlds VIP

  1. Hassle-Free Planning: Our ambassadors will assist you in designing a customized tour tailored to the specific needs of your family and friends, ensuring a dream day in the park without any planning stress.
  2. Quick Admission: Enjoy a seamless entry into the park through our VIP access, allowing you to start your adventure above the clouds promptly.
  3. Exclusive Rides & Attraction Access: Say goodbye to long queues and experience expedited access to all rides, attractions, and live entertainment shows at Genting SkyWorlds.
  4. Reserved Entertainment Viewing: Indulge in the best views by enjoying special reserved seating in designated theaters and viewing areas for live performances at Genting SkyWorlds.
  5. Photo+ Experience: Capture unlimited memories with a 1-Day Photo+ Pass, enabling you to share and download unlimited digital content during your visit.
  6. Extraordinary Experience: As an exclusive privilege, you have the opportunity to join the Genting SkyWorlds Parade, becoming part of an unforgettable, money-can’t-buy experience.
  7. Complimentary Pre-tour Refreshments: Start your VIP Experience Tour on a high note with complimentary pre-tour refreshments at our VIP Reception.
  8. Complimentary Grab & Go! Snacks: Stay energized during your tour with two (02) complimentary Grab & Go! snacks provided along the way.
  9. Limited Edition Welcome Gifts: Receive special limited edition welcome gifts, adding an extra touch of exclusivity to your VIP experience.
  10. Complimentary Locker Usage: Enjoy the convenience of designated locker usage throughout your VIP Experience Tour, ensuring the safety and security of your belongings.

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Pelago Best Prices Guaranteed 

Pelago Best Prices Guaranteed 

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